Thank you for stopping by the website for DM Images. On this site, you will find six gallery pages with photographic images that I have mostly taken within the last year.
As you go though the galleries, you will see that my photos cover a wide variety of subjects including landscapes, scenery, nature, and animals. Also included are photos taken during the 2011 flooding along the Missouri River. I felt the need to capture the devastating effects because a lot has changed since I took the photos.
If you are interested in purchasing one of my images, they are available as limited edition prints. A total of 100 prints of each image size will be sold and each print is individually signed & numbered.
The limited edition prints are available in both standard and custom sizes. The following are prices for the standard sizes prints:
  5" x 7" - $25   8" x 10" - $50   16" x 20" - $125
My images are also available in other formats such as postcards and greeting cards.
I also do personal photography sessions for pet, family and graduation photos in the Omaha metro area.
Please contact me at dmimages2011@gmail.com for further information about the purchase of a limited edition print, framing options, special orders, other images formats or to arrange a personal photo session.
About Me
Although I prefer to let my images speak for themselves, people have requested that I share a bit about myself on my website.
After viewing my images, many people are surprised when they find out that I have never taken a photography class. But I have had a creative side from an early age and took honors art classes during both junior high and high school. My senior year, I won a Gold Key for a plate I made in Pottery class and an honorable mention for a water color at the Scholastic Art Show.
Throughout my life, I have been told that I view things a little different than most. Oh, no one meant that in a bad way and it took me awhile to come to that realization. My mother said I was her "backwards" child as in the summer; I would want to wear jeans and long sleeve shirts. And you guessed it; winter would be shorts and T- shirts. Over the years, I have come to enjoy my unique percepton of life and feel it is reflected in my photographs.
Most of the time, I don't take life to serious and find I like it that way. Living life by the what ifs, doesn't work for me. I consider myself quite lucky and have an unbelievable group of family, friends and acquaintances. Because of them, this website was created and I would like to thank each and every one of them for their support.
Once again, thank you for viewing my galleries and allowing me to share my personal perspective on life with you. I hope you enjoy my photographs as much as I did taking them.
D. Munger - DM Images